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  • New Look 6271


    The New Look 6271 pants were so easy to make I finished them in one day! I made them with Sew Classic Linen from Joann’s, since it is white (and could be seen through a bit) I underlined it with cotton bleached muslin. While assembling it seemed as thought it might be two heavy together and might not drape well but once I tried them on it was perfect, exactly what I was looking for in drape.

    I think these pants might become a summer favorite.

    IMG_3418 IMG_3420 IMG_3423 IMG_3455 IMG_3456
  • Vogue 2948


    Vogue’s Today’s Fit patterns by Sandra Betzina are made to fit real women. I took Pants Fitting Techniques and Pants Construction Techniques taught by Sandra Betzina on Craftsy, this pattern, Vogue 2948, came with the course. I thought the Pants Fitting Techniques class was very helpful. I am not sure how helpful I found the Pants Construction Techniques class. I think I learned more in the Jean-ius class with Kenneth King .

    These Today’s Fit pattern have their own sizing system with sizes from A-J. I made a size F. Originally I had modified the pattern for a size G in the waist and graded down to F for the rest. I did this after measuring out the pattern and my body and thought it was needed. After basting together the pants I found them much too large in the waist and they ballooned out at the hips. I removed those alterations and made all of the pants a size F and it fits perfectly through the waist and hips. They are the best fitting pants I have ever owned. They do not fit like rtw which tend to be too tight in the waist and legs if they fit my hips and too loose in the hips (but still too tight in the thigh) if they fit my waist.

    The only alteration I ended up keeping was making the back crotch longer and raising the back a bit. I think I need to raise the back more. I am considering making another pair in black. I might slim them down a bit below the knee so they are not so loose at my ankle.

    I love how they fit. I didn’t like the pockets so I didn’t put them in. I also didn’t like how the waistband facing was finished so I slip-stitched it by hand instead of sewing it by machine.

    I made these pants from Sew Classic Bottomweight Stretch Sateen Fabric which I purchased at Joann’s. There wasn’t enough fabric, however, so I had to use another fabric for the waist band facing. I really like the different fabric for the facing.

    purple IMG_3448 IMG_3451 IMG_3452 IMG_3453 IMG_3447
  • Mini Wardrobe Contest


    At I entered the Mini Wardrobe Contest. For the contest I had to make 5 wardrobe items to make 6 different looks. So I made Vogue 2948, Vogue 8877, New Look 6271, Simplicity 2365 and Butterick 5997. Here are the pictures. I will also post more detailed posts on each item.

    IMG_3410 IMG_3412 IMG_3416 IMG_3423 IMG_3420 IMG_3418
  • Mermaids


    My niece wanted a mermaid costume so I planned to make her one. When I was fabric shopping my daughter asked if I could make her one too. So I bought enough fabric to make two mermaid costumes using McCall’s 5498.

    I didn’t like the pattern one bit! It had so many darts than were needed for a girl’s clothing. 8 darts in all! And I made two of these (sewing up 16 darts!). I think the darts could have been omitted.This was a tedious pattern. I made both at the same time. I am glad I made them both at the same time. If I had made my niece’s costume and waited to make my daughter’s I probably never would have! I hated all the darts and all the gathering. I wish I had tried a different mermaid pattern.

    Even though I hated the pattern the costumes came out nicely. Here is a picture of my daughter’s costume.

    2014-03-31-15.32.46-watermarl 2014-03-31-18.26.28-watermark
  • Elsa Dress


    Back in May my daughter had a Frozen birthday party. She wanted me to make her an Elsa dress. I looked online for a costume pattern and found some on Etsy. But then I decided I wanted to make something she could wear all the time and not just for dress up. So I decided my own dress using Simplicity 1925 as the base. I changed the whole bodice, redrafting a new one then creating a yoke. So really I only used the skirt of S1925.  I also made a train which is attached by small snaps, so it can be removed and worn without it. I made a tutu (or crinoline) out of tulle to wear underneath for more fullness if wanted.

    The dress is made with Easy Wash & Care Fabric which I got at Joann’s. The train is made from Casa Collection- Glitter Organza Wave, also from Joann’s.

    My daughter loves the dress and wears it all the time. It holds up well in the wash. I do not wash the train, which she only wears when playing Frozen.

    2014-05-08-16.13-watermark 2014-05-08-16.13.39-watermark 2014-05-08-16.14.48-watermark 2014-05-08-16.14-watermark
  • Pattern Catalog


    I like to keep a catalog of all the sewing patterns I own and some information about them, including a way to sort them to specific categories. I used to used Springpad but they closed there site today. The recommended Evernote for my use and other people have also recommended it for pattern cataloging. But I didn’t like Evernote and to enter everything again (some images were not transferred and information was listed correctly), so I looked for other options. I know offers a pattern catalog, but again it has limited sorting. And the mobile site is not easy to use.

    In the end I decided to use WordPress. I made a theme that could record all the info I needed and display it in an orderly way. I sort by item, company or size. Plus I used tags for things like Amazing Fit series of patterns from Simplicity. I am so happy with it. I also made it mobile and it’s just as easy to navigate. I also ended up making one for my fabric. So now I have a Pattern Catalog and a Fabric Catalog. I have bookmarks to them on my phone so I am ready to access them on the go (which is handy when I want to buy fabric for a pattern and need to know how much to buy).

    I also used SpringPad for my wishlists. At first I used pinterest but when I went to the store for a pattern sale there was no way to sort the list by company, which was what I did with the SpringPad mobile app. So I am now using McCall’s (and associated companies) wishlist and Simplicity (and associated companies) wishlists. I have bookmarks to these wishlist on my phone where I can quickly access them. I will continue using the Pinterest one for other brands of patterns which I would have to buy online anyway. I also keep a fabric wishlist on pinterest.

    What method do you use to track your patterns?

  • Red, White and Blue Outift


    My kids love dressing in red, white and blue for all the patriotic holidays, and since Independence Day is coming I made my daughter a special outfit for the occasion. I used McCall’s 6737 for the top and McCall’s 6735 for the shorts.

    Both patterns were easy to sew up. I especially liked the instructions for the fly on the shorts, although the instructions required several re-reads, they were the clearest instructions on constructing a fly that I have ever read. I do think there was a lot of hand sewing on both the top and shorts. They both required you to slip-stitch the facings down, but I didn’t mind since I can do that watching tv, or, with this warmer weather, outside.

    The fabric used was from the Tutti Fruitti Rodeo Gal Collection (Floral, Small Floral and Paisley Hearts) which I bought at Joann’s. I think the fabric worked perfectly for the outfit and it was a pleasure to sew with, even after washing (which isn’t always the case).

    I think this outfit has the best sewing I have ever done, thus far. But maybe it’s just the fact I didn’t mess up on the top stitching or fly on the shorts. Either way I am very proud of how this outfit turned out. My daughter even got a praise for the outfit from a girl we met at a local craft store.

    I made on change to the short pattern, in that I added a adjustable waist. Last time I did an adjustable waist I used Dritz Buttonhole Elastic. I will never use that product again. It is rather flimsy and doesn’t hold up to wear and washing. This time I used Sew-ology Buttonhole Elastic (from Hobby Lobby). I was even able to get it in navy blue instead of just white. I am not sure how it will hold up yet, since I haven’t washed the outfit and it has only been worn once. However it felt thicker and sturdy than the Dritz elastic did. I will post on how it holds up.


    2014-06-22-1-watermark 2014-06-22-2-watermark 2014-06-22-3-watermark 2014-06-22-4-watermark 2014-06-22-5-watermark 2014-06-22-6-watermark 2014-06-22-7-watermark 2014-06-22-8-watermark 2014-06-22-9-watermark 2014-06-22-10-watermark 2014-06-22-11-watermark 2014-06-22-12-watermark 2014-06-22-13-watermark 2014-06-23-1-watermark 2014-06-23-2-watermark 2014-06-23-3-watermark