Sewing Room Renovations – Weeks 4 – 8

We got held up in the remodel waiting for the building permit. Here are some things we were asked about that weren’t in our original plans.


When we took down the ceiling we realized that whomever finished the basement had heated the room badly. They cut a hole in the trunkline and put a vent in it. That caused a pressure imbalance in the system os that no room heated from that point on got enough heating. We patched up the hole, but now the room had no heat.

We considered heated floors. There are a lot of options for water heated or electric. They are rather exspensive, especially if you don’t have gas heat already (for water heated which is preferrable to electric).

So we decided to go with an electric wall heater. It was what our heating company recommended, although they recommended a exspensive gas heater. We went with the electric because it was cheaper for the unit, it did not require adding gas lines or gas tanks and we only needed the electrician we already have to install a 240v power supply instead of needing 2 different contractors to install gas.


Another concern that the building inspector had was that the room has no ventilation, there is no window. So we have to install ventilation. It is hard to find a balanced ventilation system (air goes in and out) for just one room, most are made for a whole house. We decided on a Panasonic FV-04VE1 WhisperComfort™ Spot ERV Ceiling Insert Ventilator. It cost a good portion of our budget but we plan on using it for the whole basement, so it is a good investment.

Now that we have a building permit we haven’t had much time to work. But we did get the foam board adhered to the wall using Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, 9 oz. using a Ratchet Caulk Gun. We originally tried using Liquid Nails and a cheap caulk gun but we used up a whole tube on one foam board and it was a real pain to get it out.

As I am typing this my husband is drilling holes in the sole plate and screwing it down with masonry screws. It is a lot of hard and very loud work but it is pretty much a one person job. we will put up the top plate afterwards, which should be easier. The next time my husband has time off (next week) we will put in the studs and build my shelving area walls. I will post pictures of our progress then.

Sewing Room Renovations – Week 3

Well the work is being held up waiting for a permit.  So now we wait and get no work done.

I thought I would share some resources on how to finish your basement.

As soon as we get the permit we will hang 2″ foam board and frame the exterior walls. Then the electrician will come it to rewire.