Sewing Room Renovations – Week 1

My sewing room was dark and musty smelling. The walls were wood paneling which made the room look darker. There was water leaking in one of the closets. I hate having a basement sewing room. So we decided to renovate it. Here is some photos from before the renovation:

We packed up everything and moved it all out. I wanted all the wood paneling out, so we did some demolition. We discovered the whom ever finished the basement finished it as if it was an above grade room (above the ground) and since it wasn’t sealed against moisture, mold was growing in the walls. We removed all the insulation and took out the studs which were placed up against the concrete. They didn’t even use pressure treated wood for the wood touching the concrete. We also had to remove the carpet because of mold (I had already planned on replacing it with vinyl flooring).

Now removing mold is potentially dangerous so we wore proper protection and made sure not to spread mold spores while we brought the moldy materials out to the dumpster we rented.

Of course this week had to be super hot and muggy. Wearing the protective gear when you are claustrophobic and have asthma in this muggy heat is trouble. My husband was nice enough to do most of the work. I mostly did trips to Lowe’s and carried bags of debris to the dumpster. But we finally got it all cleared away and all the mold removed.

We ended up having to take down the ceiling, which we hoped we wouldn’t need to, because the other two walls had been put in before the ceiling, so we couldn’t take down the 3/4″ wood paneling without removing the ceiling. It ended up being a good thing since after removing the ceiling we discovered some issues with our duct work. Now we need to get someone in to fix it.


If you are planning on doing any demolition like we did make sure you turn off the electricity to the area you are demolishing. Also double check that all outlets and light fixtures have no power. We discovered that some of our outlets were on the office breaker so we had to turn that one off too. Our work lights were plugged into an outlet in the garage.

Always make sure you wear the proper gear, like masks, goggles or gloves to name a few.



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