Sewing Room Renovations – Week 9

This week we had time to get some work done on my sewing room. We did most of the framing, enough for the electrician to come in. We still need to make a softfit (goes around the heating ducts) and another partition wall for some built-in shelving for my huge bins of fabric. We just need to buy more 2x4s.

We did put one of the partition walls which will also have a bookcase built-in on the outside of the bin shelving. Now I am just waiting to schedule the electrician to come and start doing all our electrical work.

While we were working on the last part of framing we had Pella replacing the bay window in our Game Room. Check out the before (only outside) and after pictures.

Big improvement. Now we have better insulated windows that open easily. The woodwork inside is no longer damaged out bowing. The outside is protected with vinyl. This is great. The Pella guys were great too! It was pouring rain during the install and they kept going since we had an overhang to protect the inside from the weather. They protected the whole indoor area with plastic sheet “tent” area that protected the room from dust, etc. They vacuumed afterwards, our carpet was cleaner afterwards than it was before they arrived.

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