Autism in Film

As an independent study at Keene State College, I am making a documentary on how Autism is represented in film. I am really excited about this project so I thought I would share my progress. First I had to find films with characters with Autism to watch. I decided to limit films to fiction full-length… Continue reading Autism in Film

“Suspense” by Lois Weber (1913)

My short film “Suspense” is inspired by Lois Weber’s film of the same name. Lois Weber’s is a testament to women filmmakers and that they can be just as good as or better than male filmmakers. Check out the film below:

Sound Effects

For my sound class, I had to record 15 sound effects to post on Here are the freely available sounds that I have recorded. I used my Tascam DR-100MKIII and Keene State College’s Audio Technica AT875R shotgun mic. I used Adobe Audition to make some edits to the sounds. I recorded mono wave files… Continue reading Sound Effects