Reale Film Festival Winner March/April 2022!

The Reale film festival is an international bimonthly cinema festival with a final ceremony where the best works received are awarded. My film Essentials of Survival won at the Reale Film Festival Bimonthly Awards for March/April 2022. I have been submitting to several film festivals. It also got selected at the Boston Independent Film… Continue reading Reale Film Festival Winner March/April 2022!

WATCH Essentials of Survival *LIMITED RELEASE*

"Essentials of Survival" Poster 3

For a limited time Essentials of Survival is available to watch for free! Afterward, it will be submitted to film festivals. Watch it below or on Vimeo. After June 21, 2021, it will no longer be public on Vimeo. Essentials of Survival – Short Film from Candace Duffy Jones on Vimeo. Emily is tired of… Continue reading WATCH Essentials of Survival *LIMITED RELEASE*

Essentials of Survival – Kickstarter

Essentials of Survival Poster

Essentials of Survival is a short narrative film about a 12-year-old girl who gets lost in the woods and has to use the skills she learned in scouting to survive. Using her scouting skills, she does well and can navigate the forest through a cold night, a fall in a stream, injury, and more. However, when… Continue reading Essentials of Survival – Kickstarter


Casey has duplicated herself, but Liam gets upset. Will they ever solve this situation? This film stars my kids who are in no way actors of skill. They kept forgetting their lines and looking at the camera. My daughter wouldn’t stay still, which made duplicating her (with my limited skills) very hard. I had to… Continue reading Multiplicity