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Essentials of Survival – Kickstarter

Essentials of Survival is a short narrative film about a 12-year-old girl who gets lost in the woods and has to use the skills she learned in scouting to survive. Using her scouting skills, she does well and can navigate the forest through a cold night, a fall in a stream, injury, and more. However, when the weather turns bad and there is no sign of being found she starts to give up hope.

FROM THE WRITER This is a story I have wanted to tell for a while. I have two kids in scouting and they have learned a lot, more than just survival skills. I wanted to share this with the world, while also showing girl power (as girls can be scouts too).

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So far this film has been paid for out of my pocket. I can’t keep paying for all the costs myself as my money is limited (after all I am a student and a mom). I still have costs for post-production: editing, color grading, sound, music, publicity, film festival fees, etc. Any contribution will help cover these costs.

Filming was completed in November 2020. Post-production starts in December and will continue until April 2021. The final film will be completed by May 2021 and will be shown at the Keene State College Capstone Film Festival at the Colonial Theater in Keene, New Hampshire. Afterward, it will be submitted to various other film festivals.

$5 Our Appreciation

 Every dollar counts! With this tier, you might not get a tangible reward, but we greatly appreciate your help, thank you for supporting us!

$10 Social Media Shoutout

Our little way of saying “thank you!” to you in a personalized message on social media.

$25 Digital Download of Film

Get a downloadable link to download a digital copy of the film anytime!

$50 Name in Credits

How often do you get to see your name on the end credits of a film? Well, you can have your name in the credits as a thank-you for your donation!

$100 Behind-the-Scenes and Bloopers

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage and get to see bloopers. Access to this content will be for a limited time only for 1 year.

$200 Live Chat with Candace Duffy Jones

Join an exclusive live chat with the director and editor on the making of the film.

$500 Associate Producer Credit

Get credited as an “Associate Producer” at the beginning and end of the film.

If you are unable to help financially please share this page on social media.

The more people who know about this fundraiser, the higher the chance of us reaching our goal.


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